Being part of a thriving community is what makes the world go ‘round. Fairs, concerts, art shows, and town-wide flea markets are just some of the signs of a town that’s on the up-and-up. This should create a huge incentive for content marketers to invest and involve themselves in their communities, because they can then effectively incorporate these happenings into their work. Whether you’re a writer or a social media maven, check out some ways that being a local works for your marketing strategy.

Use Local Events to Enhance Your Content Strategy

  • They give you a theme: events revolve around a reason or a theme, which could help give you some ideas on what to write about. A quick sample of local things that happen in my town include a huge St. Patrick’s Day parade, a weekly cruise night, and a wildly popular seafood festival. Example: As the writer of a cooking blog, that last one appeals to me. I can post a seafood recipe on my blog, and when promoting it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, tie in the seafood festival, opening it up to my followers who may not be familiar with the event.

  • You can politely piggyback on their hashtags: In the digital age, event hashtags are everywhere…even at weddings. If you’re creating relevant and helpful content that will help participants have a great time, use the hashtag! You’ll be informing the masses on some inside info and see a surge in traffic all at once. Example: Your town is having a carnival. The food stands are from area eateries. Write a blog highlighting the food and providing the location of every restaurant represented along with a review from Yelp, Google, or Facebook. That way, attendees have a handy guide when they want to come back to town and get that one dish they can’t forget.

  • Create a symbiotic relationship: If your content gets noticed by organizers, whether it’s from an uptick in their traffic or simply from digging through their own event hashtag, you’re now on their radar. This could lead to sharing your content, which is why it’s of absolute importance that it’s high-quality and helpful.

  • Don’t just do this when it benefits you directly: Admittedly, you’ll probably have trouble gaining more traffic because of your local food drive, but if you’re dedicated to your community, be sure to promote the causes you believe in, too. As you become a more significant influencer, your words will mean more and gain more attention. Use this platform accordingly.

As a resident, you want to help your community. As a business, you want your community to help you, too. Get the best of both worlds with a thoughtful and helpful content strategy that benefits everyone.