Sending out an email blast is one of the easiest, cost-effective ways to reach your audience and get your message across. No matter what industry you’re in, an email can be a significant way to increase sales, engagement, and conversions.

Check out our top four tips for before sending your next email blast: 

1. Build a Clean Target Audience

What’s the point of sending a creative, efficient email if it’s going to all the wrong people? Your target audience will have the biggest impact on your email campaign. When sending an email blast, you want to research your audience and make sure you’re targeting those that are interested in the product or service you’re offering. For example, if you send an email that says “This Weekend Only – 25% Off All Craft Supplies,” your target audience should have either bought craft supplies in the past, looked at craft supplies on the web, or checked that they are interested in it. If you send the email out to your entire list, you could lose subscribers, which is the opposite of what you want.

2. Have a Clear Objective

It’s important to have a clear objective when creating an email campaign. It’s fun to have a catchy subject line, but if it doesn’t relate to the content, people are going to close out of your email—no matter how great the content is. Make sure it is clear and concise, from the subject line to the content of your email so readers aren’t mislead or confused.

3. Make Sure the Content is Concise and Direct

It has been said that you have two to three seconds to grab your reader’s attention with an email. This is why keeping the most important part of the message at the top of the email with a sense of urgency is necessary to get the reader to click the call-to-action. Going back to the example above, you’ll want to have “This Weekend Only – 25% Off All Craft Supplies” as the main message in the email. “This Weekend Only” is your sense of urgency, followed by the offer. There is no need to go into great detail or get too wordy in emails because a customer is skimming through their emails quickly. The urgency and the offer is enough to make the customer click to your landing page, which will have more information.

4. Have a Straightforward Subject Line

Remember, the purpose of the email blast is to drive clicks, which can then lead to conversions. A funny or catchy subject line will get you a good open rate, but if it’s misleading or confusing and doesn’t match your content, your readers will leave the email without clicking to your landing page. You want your subject line to be straight to the point. If you follow the steps above, have your target audience, a clear objective, and direct content, your reader will be interested with what’s inside the email without having to use any gimmicks to grab their attention. Remember to focus on conversions and don’t get to caught up in open rates.

Whether you’re new to email blasts or have been sending them for years, these four simple tips will help you boost engagement, conversions, and keep your readers engaged. 

About the Author

Mikaela is a project manager at PCG Companies. When she isn't busy perfecting her clients' digital strategy, Mikaela can be found playing with her dog or soaking up the sun at the beach.