Testing out ad content is very important to be successful in social media advertising. What works for one business and market area may not work for  another. We often run Lead Objective ads, where we collect leads for our clients. Ad content is important when it comes to getting someone to engage with an ad—especially with lead ads, since people are providing you with their contact information. 

When I first created the ad below, I used a simple image. From that, we received a few leads, but not as many as we would have liked. Wanting to receive more leads for the client, I decided to change up the ad content. I used the same text, and included a video instead of an image. From here, the leads skyrocketed. 

The first ad I created is below on the left, which received about five leads. When I simply changed the image to a video, the ad received 36 leads. You can see that ad example on the right.


From these results, I learned that people are willing to hand over their information when advertising is humanized. The video allowed people to get a look inside the auction, what it had to offer them, and what to expect once they are there.

I then took this information that I learned and applied it to the next month’s ads. I used the same video, and I also took an image from the auction for another ad—both showing what the auction looks like on the inside. I also changed the text a bit to really highlight what this business has to offer and set them apart from the other businesses around them.

I then put these two ads to the test and, again, the results were astounding and unexpected. The ad with just the image has received 60 leads to date, where the video has only received 5 leads to date.


The above results illustrate how important ad content really is – from the text, to the image or video. Based on what I’ve learned, here are four takeaways: make your text straight to the point, highlight the importance of the product or service, humanize your business, and A/B test your ads.

If you’d like to start incorporating Facebook advertising into your digital marketing strategy, give us a call and we’ll talk about how this type of advertising can benefit your business.

About the Author

Dana Hauser is a Paid Search/Social Media Specialist at PCG. She is a lover of coffee and music, and enjoys baking in her spare time.