So you’re one of thousands of Honda Dealers in the U.S., which raises the question, what sets you apart from every other Honda dealership? 

The answer is how you brand your dealership. Branding is the key to setting your store apart from the thousands of other dealers in the nation, and can go a long way to attracting more customers to your dealership. It’s the reason why people will remember you when they begin their search for a new vehicle over the ten other dealers on the same street. The way you want your dealership to be perceived should be demonstrated the moment someone walks through the door of your showroom, arrives in your service department, or even when they call the dealership. All of these things should be taken into consideration when creating your brand. 

The questions below can help determine how you want to market your dealership:

  • What makes your dealership different?
  • What kind of experience do you want prospective consumers to have?
  • What do you want your brand associated with? 

What makes your dealership different?

Sure, you have a wide variety of Honda Civics on your lot, which is great, but so does Fred’s Honda down the street. You want to focus on the things that make your dealership different. Maybe your dealership prides themselves on a refined service center experience or an exceptional loyalty program. Make this the main thrust of your branding message because it helps answer the most important question,  ‘Why should they buy from us?’ A great example is some of the service perks dealerships offer, such as “Anyone that buys a brand new Honda Civic gets free lifetime oil changes.” That’s an incentive that will make someone choose your dealership over a competitor. Another example is promoting your dealership as pet-friendly. This is becoming huge for some prospective buyers who want to bring their furry friend with them, even if it’s just to get their car serviced.

What kind of experience do you want prospective consumers to have?

Everything is about experiences today and you need to make sure the one you want portrayed is perceived by consumers. When John walks into your showroom, what do you want him to experience? You want his time at your dealership to make a lasting impression on him, whether it is your sales team going above and beyond, or your service department getting jobs done in record time. This is key to building your brand because if John has a great experience at your dealership, then he is going to go to tell his friend Mike. When Mike is ready to look for a new car, then he will remember what John told him about your dealership. People trust their friends’ recommendations over marketing messages, which is why Mike may be more likely to consider you when he wants to buy or service his vehicle. 

What do you want your brand associated with?

For starters, each dealership should have a specific message they are trying to get across to their consumers. Whether you are a Honda Dealer or an Acura Dealer, you need to craft a specific message that reaches your consumers on a personal level. Is customer service something you pride your dealership on? Make it known, show prospective consumers that you put the customer first, and go above and beyond. Some good ways to display this can be creating videos of happy customers from your dealership to help promote the service they received. Another valuable message can be how your service department is open late to accommodate those who work so they can still get their car serviced during the week instead of having to do it over the weekend. 

Your dealership should be your voice. Asking yourself these three questions will help you determine how you want your dealership to be branded. Remember, when branding your dealership you want to stand out and make your “Why Buy” message different than other dealers!

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