There are thousands of Chrome extensions to choose from that will make your work life seem less like an episode of Game of Thrones and more like rainbows and puppies. Ok maybe not that fantastic, but better than normal.  First things first…what are Chrome extensions?  To put it simply, Chrome extensions are mini versions of programs you use that are available anytime you open your browser.These little add-ons give you quick access to some programs you may already use and some new tools that will help you on the daily. 


Autocorrect is the devil. It can quickly turn a very intelligent, well thought-out text or email into a problematic mess. I personally have experienced the word “formalities” being auto corrected to “farm kitties”. While I am sure everyone has a story of how autocorrect has ruined your form of digital communication in one way or another, it is an evil that can be prevented. No, you don’t have to go to the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good. Grammarly is a spelling/grammar checker that will help make sure your messages, documents, and posts are clear and free of mistakes. With this extension, you won’t have to worry about when to use affect and effect or lie and lay because it will suggest the correct word to use.


It is easy to get distracted. Between text messages, phone calls, emails, and all kinds of social media, it is easy to lose focus even if you are the world’s greatest multi-tasker.  If you are anything like the millions of people who juggle multiple browser tabs and applications at once, you will lose track of what you are doing and realize that Dory is better at productivity compared to you. Momentum allows you to replace new tab page with a personal dashboard where you can set a daily focus, track your to-dos, and get inspired with a daily photo and quote.  

Last Pass

Resetting your password can be an annoying process. Ninety-seven percent (not a real statistic, but just know it is a lot) of applications and other various types of software require a password. Having a different password for everything, while highly recommended for your digital security, is difficult to keep track of. Save yourself the annoyance of trying to remember the model of your first car or the name of your first pet. Last Pass stores login usernames and passwords. Add, edit, view, delete, and organize your passwords from a simple, searchable vault. Generate secure passwords to replace weak ones and never forget another password.

Boomerang for Gmail

Being timely and relevant is key. Sending emails too early or too late can cause issues for not only those who forget time zones are a thing, but for people who remember something now but blank out later.  For instance, time sensitive information that needs to go out at a particular hour.

“Happy belated birthday aunt Agnes!”

-no one ever with Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. Write a message now, send it whenever, even if you’re not online.

Google Calendar

Organization will make your day less overwhelming. Have a lot of tasks due today? Block time in your calendar.  Have to meet with the VP, Account Manager,  and attend a parent teacher conference? Want to schedule time for a nap? Block time in your calendar! I know what you’re thinking, why can’t I just open up a tab and view my calendar? Organization people!  If there are 47 windows and tabs open, how do you not feel anxiety about the chaos that was once your computer screen? Google Calendar by Google easily checks Google Calendar and adds new events from websites you visit without ever leaving your page.

From one marketer to another, I hope these five Chrome extensions help you tackle your day like a boss. Need help tackling your digital marketing strategy? Give PCG a call today!

About the Author

Nichole Alvarez is a Digital Marketing Strategist at PCG Companies who is passionate about learning something new every day to step up her game inside and outside of the office. Outside of PCG, you will most likely catch her eating ice cream or playing something like a musical instrument, video games, or on a field/court.