To prevent stress from taking over as a digital marketing professional, you have to be flexible. I’m not talking about the ability to bend over and touch your toes, I’m referring to your ability to handle situations that hit you unexpectedly. The theme of flexibility rings very true, especially as a social media specialist. All social platforms, products, strategies, and target markets are constantly changing, so in order to get ahead, you need to be adaptable and adjust to circumstances you cannot control.

Here are some common situations I’ve encountered as a social media specialist that have required me to flexible: 

Ad Objectives Change Mid-Month

It’s important to understand which ads should start running right away, and which should be pushed to the following month. A crucial sale or offer, for instance, is something that should start running as soon as possible. Ads that are more evergreen, such as a brand awareness ad or an ad highlighting a specific item you have in your store, can be planned for any given month. This will help you ensure a plan is in place to create beautiful graphics, make sure all links are working, choose the right targeted audience, as well as give the ad enough time to run and gain traction. 

A Business Has 99 Problems—But I Only Have Time to Solve One

Prioritizing is key! Start the day knowing which ads or organic posts need to go up on that day,especially if there is a timely event or sale, or alternatively, what reports need to be generated to check the success of the month’s campaigns. It’s not uncommon that by mid-day, something urgent will come up or a plan will change, but starting the day with a concrete list of action items will help you keep your priorities straight, and create more flexibility in your day. 

An Ad Needs to Run, But The Content Has Not Been Created

Always be prepared! If the material you need for a specific ad is not ready, then have one or two campaigns ideas ready to execute, if needed. Having a backup plan can alleviate those concerns that you’ll have enough time to allow the ads to circulate and gain momentum.

I hope these tips for adapting to the world of social media marketing come in handy this month, and remember, Facebook is consistently implementing changes to it’s targeting methods, algorithm, and more. To stay ahead, you can: 

  •    Utilize Facebook Blueprint and the courses available.
  •    Stay up-to-date by reading current blogs and articles in the social media world
  •    Test and experiment with new advertising and targeting methods 

Being flexible with your social media strategy will help you stay ahead of the game and prepared for any future challenges that come your way! 

About the Author

Meaghan Barry is a Social Media Specialist at PCG.