When it comes to marketing, I’m sure most business owners or managers have been told, “You should always be posting new content on your site!”

While we all know that content helps to drive awareness and business to your company, what may be less obvious is how to actually execute a consistent content marketing strategy that stays true to your values, brand, and customer voice. 

Here are three tips for staying consistent when it comes to curating and promoting content in your marketing efforts:

Recognize Your Brand

This is straight forward, but some companies release content that has nothing to do with their type of business, industry, or the products they are selling. Realizing what a company offers the public is important to prospective customers and needs to remain consistent in your website content, otherwise visitors will land on your site, and then bounce right off. For example,if  you are a Subaru dealership, make sure that the majority of your content is surrounding the Subaru brand, such as, the available vehicles, services, and tips.

Listen to Your Customers

Current customers provide the best ideas for content creation; listen to them. Questions asked in-store or online should be written down and worked into a content strategy right away. When they have simple or complex questions, sometimes there are hundreds of other people wondering the same thing but aren’t willing to ask. These questions will be searched for online long before they get asked in person, so answer them thoroughly in a blog post, a video, or a social media series. The more questions answered, the more likely someone will come back to your site for information, and become a future customer.

Form a Six-Month Content Strategy

I know what you’re thinking, “Six months? I barely know what I’m doing next week!” This is the exact reason why a six-month content strategy is important. Having content laid out this far in advance will improve the actual creation of the content. As marketers and/or business owners, we’re busy enough, so constantly worrying about what blog or custom page to create next is not a good use of time and energy. A consistent six-month plan is made easier when you recognize your brand and listen to your customers, (see what I did there?) To be successful at your long-term strategy, you’ll need an organized, month-by-month spreadsheet, a clear idea of how you want to reach current and future customers, and a list of questions and generalized topics that are being researched for the type of company.

Consistent content is crucial, not only for customers but for the overall health of your website and business. Content lets Google recognize that your site has the answers people are searching for, which will help the website crawl to the top of search results. When a site has plenty of valuable content, customers are more likely to remember the company name, logo, or even location of the store and share it with others.

Follow these three tips and your content strategy will be the last thing you have to worry about for your business. 

About the Author

Liz is a Digital Marketing Strategist at PCG Companies with a passion for all things digital. In her spare time, she can be found with her camera in hand and caffeine in her veins exploring abandoned buildings or visiting local donut shops.