In order to achieve greatness, there needs to be a strategy. Taking aim at a new business, career, product line, art project, etc., there needs to be some sort of strategy to get the ball rolling and begin on the path to success.

Let’s take starting a business as the main example. It starts with a dream that piques your interest, and ideas start flowing out of the mind like Stephen King writing horror novels. These ideas and dreams mean nothing unless there is a strategy in place to make them successful, something that consumers can use, want and can’t live without.

Once a product is put in place, there needs to be thoughts for the future along with it. Is this product going to benefit everyone or is it targeting a specific type of customer? Will there be a giveaway or a sale depending on how many social followers or orders you’ve received since starting? What website is going to host the business / product line? Is the goal of the business to have employees? What’s the name of the business? What about copyrighting all of the products / names? I got a little carried away there, but there are a lot of questions that arise when starting a new business.

All of these questions naturally will bring anxiety, worry and doubt. However, when these questions are followed up by constructive answers and those answers are put into place, the tasks at hand become smooth and satisfying. It is also important to understand that marketing and strategy will change as time goes on, as the business itself expands and the customers find new interests and trends.

While dealing with the ebb and flow of marketing, having a backup of a solid and consistent strategy is how some businesses start out strong and continue to climb the ladder of success.

About the Author

Liz is a Digital Marketing Strategist at PCG Companies with a passion for all things digital. In her spare time, she can be found with her camera in hand and caffeine in her veins exploring abandoned buildings or visiting local donut shops.