Overall Traffic

Increased 34%


Went Up 189%

when compared to the previous year


When an opportunity arises, a dealership has to act fast to capitalize. Central Avenue Nissan encountered this when a direct competitor closed its doors and there was a chance to pick up some of the market share that this void created in the White Plains, NY market for both sales and service. This kind of challenge requires a solid digital marketing plan that could balance short-term gains with long-term stability in developing relationships with new potential customers.


The team at PCG Companies was up for this challenge. They got to work planning a campaign that seamlessly integrated a unified message in paid search and SEO to help create awareness in their target market with these potential customers and showcase what Central Avenue Nissan had to offer.

It launched with custom targeted PPC ads that brought customers to model and service landing pages that helped funnel shoppers to pages where they could take action. Each ad was targeted to zip codes in the White Plains area. At the same time, our SEO team set about crafting optimized content that specifically targeted White Plains car shoppers with custom model pages and maintenance pages to address their needs.

The on-site meta data was adjusted to focus more on this geotarget as well. Central Avenue Nissan was making it a priority to reach people in this geotarget from all fronts with consistent messaging that addressed their needs from a sales and service perspective.


The decision to focus PPC and SEO efforts on the same market to get potential customers’ attention, and then provide targeted content once they landed on Central Avenue Nissan’s site paid major dividends. The third quarter of 2017 saw impressive gains in several important areas:

· Organic traffic from White Plains went up by 63%

· Overall site traffic increased by 34%

· Calls were up 95% vs. the previous year

· Conversions went up 189% when compared to the previous year

In the end, we helped them achieve their goal of capturing a sizable portion of the market share that opened up when their competitor closed its doors. Central Avenue Nissan increased their market share by 11% during Q3, which is always a vital quarter for car dealers. It helped them establish relationships with new customers that they can now build on moving forward through the dedicated efforts of the team at PCG Companies.