Market Share

Increased 26%
over 18-month span

Organic Traffic

Increased 133%


Hoblit Dodge was having trouble getting noticed online due to a lack of a cohesive digital marketing strategy. While customers were happy with the dealership’s vehicle selection and overall car-buying experience, Hoblit Dodge needed help standing out in organic search results to drive new customers to their site.


To start, PCG built a custom content plan focused on Hoblit’s RAM and Jeep inventory based on their popularity and dedicated fan base. By creating custom, optimized content that focused on the best ways to customize a Jeep or the advantages of specific parts–which research indicated shoppers were curious about in the local area–PCG was able to help increase their visibility in relevant searches.

It didn’t stop there thanks to the constant sharing of ideas between Hoblit and PCG. The home page was constantly refreshed with graphics and banners, as well as the latest offers. Content was then created specifically to draw attention to what was going on at the dealership.


This steady, determined plan to get more people viewing their inventory online paid big dividends for Hoblit Dodge. Online shoppers found the custom content about RAM and Jeep vehicles helpful because it addressed common questions, and in turn, drove more engaged, quality shoppers to Hoblit’s website.
This allowed the top-notch sales team at Hoblit to capitalize on the increased amount of leads and convert more sales. With that kind of long-term plan, it’s no surprise that they’ve been the #1 Jeep and RAM dealer in sales for their area numerous times since teaming up with PCG. They’ve also experienced a 133% increase in organic traffic in less than two years through this focused approach. In 2015, Hoblit owned 32% of Market Share, and in 2017, that number has climbed to 53% with the help of the PCG.

(Organic traffic growth, November 2015 through May 2017)

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