Businesses dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to training employees, however, maintaining a high level of performance is a common obstacle. If you want to get to the root cause of underperformance, leaders need the proper training to identify where the breakdown lies.

There are plenty of consultants or training solutions that provide short-term results at best. But if your unique business’ challenges are not approached correctly, the performance cycle will only continue to fluctuate, leading to frustrations between management and staff.

Coaching for Maximum Results

This program is a systematic approach that delivers a new method for training all members of your staff. It encourages and re-teaches leadership skills that yield proven, consistent results.


Train the Trainer

The program will support the work of upper management and can be customized based on the needs of each business. Our experts will show every member of the management team how to:

• Coach their team effectively
• Inspect results
• Use targeted training to improve performance
• Reinforce habits that are leading toward success

The strategies discussed will be paired with action plans, so attendees can be inspired and leave with not only a “why,” but also a “how-to” that’s customized for your business’ needs.


Dual Approach to Learning

The key to this program’s success is an “in and out” of the classroom approach: part on-site training, and part mentoring individuals as they perform their daily routines to ensure they are implementing these new strategies effectively.


Don’t turn to another quick fix. Let PCG’s CEO Glenn Pasch transform your business with this two-day workshop built for your business.

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