Dana Yurcisin

Dana joined the PCG team as our Videographer and Video Editor. When he isn’t capturing a shot behind the camera or editing his work behind the computer, Dana can be found enjoying another creative outlet, music, which he writes and records (and if you get a chance to listen, you may notice he’s got a thing for guitar effects pedals).

No matter what the day throws at him, there is one thing that can always perk him up: reading The Onion or Clickhole articles.

When the work week comes to an end, Dana’s pursuing the ultimate Saturday, which includes having breakfast at a diner with a multitude of hot sauce options; getting some writing done on one of his screenplays in a nice coffee shop; hitting the beach; playing a show with his band; and camping in the woods with friends while cooking unhealthy food over a fire. Though he’s never actually managed to fit all of those activities into a single day, a boy can still dream…

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