Acura Columbus partnered with PCG in 2011. The dealership incorporated paid search into their digital strategy in 2013 to increase their presence in local search results and drive traffic to their website.


To get acquainted with the dealership’s paid search account, the PCG team performed an audit and quickly realized that many of the keywords were poorly matched and best practices were not being followed.

After further inspection, the team noticed that Acura Columbus was going after too many keywords, affecting Quality Score. The keyword list was trimmed down to a more manageable level. Then, using the search query report, they identified keywords that were high converters and added them as exact match keywords.

They then altered all ad groups to contain just two ads, making A/B testing more efficient and high-performing ads easier to identify. Targeting was also adjusted for all campaigns to include location and devices. Finally, they consolidated all conversion and lead tracking for the accounts, ensuring to segment them to improve overall efficiency.


After all the changes made to Acura Columbus’ keyword and advertising strategies, their clickthrough rate (CTR) increased by 79.82%. Clicks saw a 40.06% hike and conversions went up by over 390%.

In addition, the dealership’s average cost-per-click (CPC) and total spend were reduced by 38.54% and 14.42%, respectively. With PCG’s extensive automotive knowledge of best practices,  Acura Columbus is reaping the benefits of properly optimized paid search campaigns.


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