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"When we conducted the vendor capabilities search, I noticed that each vendor had subtly different strategies and occasionally contradicted one another. The lesson was that SEO – SEM and Remarketing is an emerging art / profession. Inevitably we felt that the team at PCG offered the best balance of intelligence, experience, account management and the ability to not only guide us, but also teach us. The net result is that they exceeded BIO-key’s expectations and continue to do so today."

Scott Mahnken | VP of Marketing at BIO-key


BIO-key International, a leading provider of fingerprint biometric identification, challenged five SEO vendors to present how they would help amplify the company’s online presence. As the BIO-key team realized that not all vendors agreed on the same strategy for their company, there was only one vendor that conducted research prior to presenting, showed documented success, and had a tight relationship with Google: PCG Digital Marketing.

Sick and tired of being invisible on Google, lacking new and quality leads, and getting out-marketed by competitors, Scott Mahnken, Vice President of Marketing at BIO-key, sought a vendor to assist BIO-key with its online marketing strategy.

The PCG team then got to work designing a custom strategy for the BIO-key’s unique situation.


PCG first established a strong SEO foundation, which included optimizing BIO-key’s website, improving the site’s content structure, launching a keyword strategy, blending SEO and SEM tactics, and re-structuring their remarketing campaigns.

Within the first three months of working closely with their account team at PCG, BIO-key’s website was fully optimized with strategic keywords throughout the meta data and content. As a result, search rankings soared.

PCG also took BIO-key’s remarketing strategy and converted it from self-promotional branding to product/action-specific advertising.


Early on in the process, the team at BIO-key began to see an increase in lead activity and a build in momentum – even their competitors began to take notice!

When PCG first inspected BIO-key’s keyword strategy, they only had a single keyword on Page One. Seven months later, they had seventeen keywords ranking on Page One. Even better, eight of those keywords were in the “hyper traffic” zone (positions one through three in search results).

In addition, since BIO-key’s first full month partnering with PCG in June 2014, organic traffic increased by 28.42% in seven months!

One of the key elements of success was the commitment and communication with Scott Mahnken. He took PCG’s advice and recommendations willingly and enthusiastically, and participated in all education.

Not only did PCG help generate more and better quality leads, expand visibility in the market, and increase revenue, but BIO-key’s sales team was re-energized and the company continues to welcome new business.

BIO-key keyword pipeline

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