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From the Client:

“We partnered with PCG so we could utilize their expertise in developing and implementing effective strategies for maximizing our online footprint. They have been excellent partners, and with their help, we have made significant gains in all of our online efforts. Our thanks to the PCG team!”

Jim Wadzinski | Community Affairs/ Customer Service Manager at Community Toyota*Honda*Kia


Community Toyota*Honda*Kia is based in Baytown, Texas and serves the greater Houston area.

Since teaming up with PCG in January 2015, the group quickly realized the power in paid search. After a year of effective AdWords campaigns, Community Toyota*Honda*Kia sought to diversify their paid traffic and reach an often overlooked audience: the non-Google user.


Starting in January 2016, PCG launched paid search campaigns on Bing—an advertising network few dealerships have yet to embrace.

With Bing’s popularity reaching an all-time high in 2016, users are increasingly turning to the search engine to conduct their research, especially in automotive. In fact, the search engine delivered results to a reported 79 million automotive-related queries within a month.


After three months of running campaigns on Bing, the combined amount of traffic from Google and Bing compared to the prior quarter increased by 69% for Honda, 64% for KIA, and 71% for Toyota. This boost in visits came at a relatively low cost, with spend increasing by 44% for Honda, 53% for KIA, and 67% for Toyota.

Compared to Google, the stores’ average positions on Bing were stronger, and not to mention, cost less overall. For search and text-only ads, the stores’ average positions on Bing stayed within positions 1 through 3, while on Google, were typically between positions 2 and 4.

With Bing’s lower cost-per-clicks, the group saw stronger visibility and higher ad positions, allowing the stores to maximize their traffic with minimal spend. With the help of PCG, Community Toyota*Honda*Kia continues to reach a fresh and ever-growing audience of car shoppers.

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