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"We have seen a tremendous increase in website traffic and conversions since partnering with PCG. We have had record months in sales and are continuing to see growth. What I value most in working with PCG is their transparency and willingness to share knowledge. PCG would be a great asset to any company's marketing strategy."

Meaghan Cooper | Customer Service Manager at John Jones Auto Group


Spreading their paid search investment across multiple campaigns, John Jones Auto Group, based in Salem, IN, struggled for high ad placement and saw limited traffic, conversions, and ad visibility.

After months of underwhelming paid search results for their dealerships’ seven brands, the auto group recognized they needed to make a change in order to see a better return on their paid search investments.


PCG advised the auto group to not only create more strategic campaigns for all their brands, but to fuel them with a healthy budget. Once the dealer group doubled their investment in PPC, video advertising, and remarketing, their results soared even higher.


With double the budget, the group saw results that tripled—even quadrupled—their month’s results year-over-year.

Conversions increased 141%, clicks soared 408%, and their campaign’s average position moved up from 2.9 to 1.5—finally seeing the prominent ad placement they sought. Not to mention, click-through rate improved from .9% to 2.21%, while the average cost-per-click decreased by $1.


Impressions for November 2014 (light blue) vs. November 2015 (dark blue)


Clicks for November 2014 (light blue) vs. November 2015 (dark blue)

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