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Closing Rate After Training


From the client:

"I highly recommend PCG Training to dealerships. Why spend thousands of dollars per year to go to trainings when you can take PCG courses online for a fraction of the cost and see results from your staff?"

Xavier Brizar | Digital Marketing Manager at Lunde’s Peoria Volkswage


With a new employee joining Peoria Volkswagen’s BDC department, the dealership searched for outside resources to enhance their existing training process. Despite new agents completing OEM training courses and receiving onsite training from another Internet consultant, the dealership’s results fell flat.


Peoria Volkswagen considered attending a conference, but after their digital team found tremendous value in PCG Training’s Google Analytics workshops, they turned to the online courses in internet lead management. With on-demand modules that could be taken at the team’s own pace, Peoria Volkswagen found PCG Training as the more convenient and cost-effective solution.


Peoria Volkswagen’s BDC department traded in their existing, outdated scripts for PCG’s voicemail scripts, and the results were quickly evident. In fact, in the new agent’s first month, she sold 10 cars with a 6% closing ratio. After just one month, the new agent sold 22 cars and more than doubled her closing rate to 12%.

A few months after training, the team member sold 30 cars with a 16% closing ratio and continues to hold a 16% closing rate.

PCG Training gave the dealership perspective on today’s internet shopper that encourages employees to perform at a higher level. Six months into PCG’s internet lead handling training, Peoria Volkswagen is the #2 internet dealership in their zone.

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