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While attending a webinar hosted by PCG Founder Brian Pasch, Tom Moore, Regional Director of the Morgan Auto Group,  heard a statement that would change the way his dealerships did business: “You’re in the e-commerce business whether you like it or not.”

An automotive industry veteran with 38 years of experience, Moore was struggling with getting the same results year after year. He knew it had to do with the changing marketing landscape, and after attending Brian’s webinar, he contacted PCG Consulting to see what he could do about it.


PCG Consulting created a training program personalized to Moore’s current skills and needs that would allow him to gain the right knowledge to hold his marketing vendors accountable and understand their reports.

Through monthly webinars and phone calls, his consultant walked him through his accounts, including his website, Google Analytics and AdWords, and his vendor’s reports. Along the way, they uncovered multiple areas of opportunity and Moore was trained on how to approach vendors with the right questions.


During the initial assessment of the dealerships’ websites, it became clear that they were not getting all of the services that they were paying for. While Morgan Auto Group was paying for a premium SEO service from their provider, their site did not include unique title tags or custom content. Moore was trained on what this meant for the dealership’s search results and was coached to contact the vendor.

Once proper work was performed by the vendor, organic search results surged.

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