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From the client:

"We had a seamless experience with fantastic customer service. I loved the site design and worked well with the PCG team.”

Megan Hopf | Assistant to Consumer Regional Manager at Mortgages for Champions


Mortgages for Champions–a mortgage company that caters to “local heroes” like teachers, doctors, military personnel and more– wanted to give a modern refresh to their six-year-old website. The company looked to PCG to revamp the site’s appearance, improve the mobile experience, and enhance the overall user-friendliness.


PCG committed to a complete website redesign, from desktop down to mobile. In just about five weeks, PCG improved the website with:

  • Modernized Design: The new design features images of the business’ targeted audience: firefighters, police, teachers, and more. This element helps create a sense of reliability and trust.
  • New Logo: This gives Mortgages for Champions of a sense of visual identity it was lacking. The simple design features patriotic elements, further lending to the idea of trust.
  • Conversion-Centered Layout: A simplified layout makes it easy for visitors to find the information they need and to take action.


In the month before the site’s redesign, the Bounce Rate was 70% and Average Visit Duration just 1:23. The month following the new website launch, the Bounce Rate was down to 53% and Average Visit Duration increased to 2:19.

In addition to improved website statistics, there was also a clear difference in conversion. In the three months following the new website launch, Mortgages for Champions saw an increase of 149 leads than the three months prior.

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