Non-Branded Keyword Traffic Grew Over 100%

Traffic 100%


When Stearns Ford came to PCG in August 2012, they knew they needed a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy to expand their target market and grow their online visibility. While the Burlington, NC Ford dealership embraced video production, they turned to PCG to help fill in the rest of the SEO puzzle.


Stearns Ford’s success was dependent on a two-way relationship with PCG. While the dealership developed creative, informative videos, PCG helped them promote their videos through search engine optimization and syndication across other Web assets. In addition to video, PCG helped grow Stearns Ford’s non-branded organic traffic through:

  • Custom website content optimized for targeted keywords and market areas
  • Consistent custom content creation, including blogs, press releases, and social media  updates
  • Ongoing education and guidance on the dealership’s own digital marketing efforts, such as video production and optimization
  • With a well-rounded digital marketing strategy in place, the Ford dealership successfully drew better qualified website traffic.


Non-branded organic traffic increased 101.09% in a year.

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