Overall Traffic

Increased 58%

Q4 2016 vs. Q4 2015

Organic Traffic

Increased 85%

Q4 2016 vs. Q4 2015

From the client:

"Studio One Lingerie has had nothing but the best relationship with PCG. PCG gets things done! Every single time I’ve called, they were extremely diligent, friendly, and satisfied our wishes. Our paid ads are always amazing! After working with plenty of other marketing teams, we at Studio One Lingerie feel that PCG was a Godsend for our business!"

Corin Frabasile | Store & Event Manager at Studio One Lingerie


Studio One Lingerie is a lingerie store in Northern New Jersey. When they teamed up with PCG in January 2016, their website design was outdated and wasn’t generating qualified traffic. As a small business vying for search visibility with large national competitors, they enlisted the help of PCG to amplify their online presence and compete with the major players.


To kick off the partnership, PCG upgraded Studio One Lingerie’s existing website with a mobile-responsive site featuring clean design and striking photography. To help increase organic search visibility, PCG established a keyword strategy that focused on Studio One Lingerie’s local markets. They then created custom pages optimized for search, published weekly blog posts, and shared content across the business’s social networks to draw attention and build a following.

To further increase brand awareness, PCG launched video pre-roll campaigns highlighting Studio One’s collections and created Facebook campaigns to attract new shoppers and generate awareness around sales and events.


After one full year with PCG, Studio One Lingerie gained substantial increases in website traffic and organic search rankings. Their overall traffic increased by nearly 60%, and organic rose over 85%. They finally saw a Page-One presence for competitive keywords like “sexy lingerie NJ” and “plus size lingerie,” and own 83% of the market share against two major competitors.

PCG also widened Studio One’s branding on Facebook through paid ads. In fact, one of the branding video campaigns generated more than 230,000 views for just one cent per view.

PCG continues to help Studio One attract new customers and establish their brand across the web.

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