There are people visiting your site each day, but visits don’t always translate to sales. That doesn’t mean they aren’t interested, just busy, which is why many businesses utilize remarketing ads to recapture a potential customer’s attention. Successful remarketing campaigns require thoughtful targeting and careful monitoring, and PCG Companies has the team and tools to do it for you. Remarketing allows you to target through things like topics, hobbies, and other audiences with graphics that grab a viewer’s attention in a cost-effective manner. Here’s how it works when you team up with PCG:

Meeting of the Minds

Remarketing isn’t a simple concept, but your SEM specialist will help you understand it and work on a plan to help you get more impressions online. They’re always here when you have a question.


The Importance of Impressions Online

We take the lists you build from site visitors and use it to target potential customers only. Then we create banner ads that follow them all over the web to keep your brand or service in front of them constantly. Remarketing creates value by promoting your message wherever they go and leaving a lasting impression.


A Fluid Approach

Remarketing banner ads, also called display ads, are a cost-effective tool when measured on a cost-per-click basis, making them great when your budget is tight. We work with you to set limits on your banner advertising campaign so you get what you want—and nothing you don’t.


The Results

Because remarketing often uses visuals, more impressions means increased brand exposure. Your dedicated paid search specialist will help you understand the results and advise you on what other types of campaigns can benefit your business.