People respond to visuals. In fact, one-third of all online activity is spent watching video. So why not let the PCG team place your brand’s message in front of prospects where they’re spending a majority of their online time: YouTube? Whether you’re targeting a specific metro area, people with interests ranging from motorcycles to the arts, or even your own past website visitors, there are multiple ways to strategically reach your audience with pre roll video ads on YouTube. It’s not quite as simple as letting the camera roll, so here’s how we make you a star:

Lay the Groundwork

We need to know what you want to do before we can make it happen. You can promote a special, introduce a new product, or help build your brand. It’s up to you, which is why we start with a call to set goals and plan it all out.


Let The Good Marketing Roll

Our paid search experts make sure that your video pre-roll ads are focused on the people you want to reach: past site visitors, people with a common interest, past searches, or even a certain topic, like “classic car show.” That way you get valuable impressions with potential customers through a cost-effective plan.


Rave Reviews

We go over the success of each campaign so you can see how well your videos are working, and you can always ask questions when you need clarification. We’ll show you the importance of impressions and how they impact your bottom line.