Dealers are naturally skeptical on new marketing strategies because they have been burned many times in the past.  I don’t blame dealers for being cautious.  However, I will continue to pound the table not with an emotional plea but with actual data from dealer’s using LotLinx.   I believe once dealers consider the data, they will also see why LotLinx is a new advertising strategy that is worth their attention.

If you have not watched the LotLinx video overview, take a few minutes to watch it now:  Lotlinx Video

Dealers Who Are Using LotLinx


In the dealer example above, LotLinx is the #1 referral source by volume.

LotLinx traffic is driving 92.42% new visitors, which is well above the 68% new visitors that the website normally generates each month. The average referral traffic was generating 80.16% new visitors so LotLinx beat even that high quality traffic!

The traffic generated by LotLinx has a bounce rate of 24.70% which is significantly less than other referral traffic which is averaging a 40.45% bounce rate.

One of the most powerful statistics is that each visitor is visiting 2.35 pages, so they are looking not just at the car they saw online, but at other cars as well.    With this data, you can be confident that the cost per VDP view is under $2.00, which is much less than Google Adwords car sales campaigns when averaged together.

Drive Car Shoppers Not Just Traffic

So, if you are looking to drive “shoppers” to your website, who are falling in love with your in-stock vehicles online, then LotLinx is the solution.  If Lotlinx can generate consistent, fresh, car shopping traffic, that costs less than your average Google Adwords VDP cost, why would you pay more for solutions that deliver less consistent results?

Before you run off with the wrong idea, dealers still need to invest in Google Adwords. Google Adwords is part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, but Adwords is imperfect for identifying car shoppers.  Dealers have to guess which keywords, ads, and landing pages will attract car shoppers.  Lotlinx is the perfect pre-filtering mechanism that drives only consumers who are shopping to your website.

What I am just suggesting is that you look at your Adwords campaigns and find out which campaigns are working to drive shoppers. Decrease the budget or eliminate the campaigns that are not driving shoppers at a reasonable cost. Use those funds to drive 100% shoppers to your website and stop GUESSING which keywords will connect shoppers with your inventory.

LotLinx supercharges your inventory to attract car shoppers and drive them to your website; to the exact VDP of the car they liked.   Since consumers are visiting 1.3 dealers before purchasing, LotLinx will connect shoppers with your inventory and your brand message faster.  This strategic advantage will make sure your cars get first consideration and will accelerate the velocity by which your cars sell.

More inventory turns per year means more profit!

Get Your Dealership In The LotLinx Network

brian-video-300To signup for LotLinx at your dealership, please call the sales and support team at PCG Digital Marketing at 732-200-9545. Please ask for Mike Lizza or Matt O’Such, or any member of the LotLinx Sales team that is available.

Still have questions?  Brian has created a longer video explaining in context why the LotLinx program is exactly what car dealers have been asking for.

If you would like a longer, more in-depth discussion, watch this 10 minute discussion with Brian Pasch.  Click to view the video.

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About the Author

Brian Pasch is the founder of PCG companies. PCG provides customized marketing and training solutions for businesses that are committed to dominate their local market.