I have been writing about LotLinx for a number of months and I am still very excited about this product.  As I collect more data on dealers, who are using this vehicle advertising platform, the results are confirming what I first promised readers.  LotLinx accelerates car sales by sending more “shoppers” to the dealer’s website, who have selected their vehicle from listings on over 130 different classified advertising websites.

The data table shown above confirms that vehicles that receive a LotLinx VDP view sells faster; they spend less days on the lot.  Look at the first example, for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  A segment of dealers using the LotLinx network were analyzed, and there were 406 new Grand Cherokees in stock across their combined inventories.

The cars that DID NOT have a LotLinx visit, sold on average in 118 days.  The 2014 Grand Cherokees that had a LotLinx VDP visit, sold on average in 72 days.  This is a 38.6% VDP viewsincrease in sales velocity.

Why Does LotLinx Accelerate Sales?

The reason  is very simple and at the same time profound.  LotLinx, unlike other pay-per-click advertising models (i.e. Adwords), only delivers “qualified” shoppers to the dealer’s Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP).  I use the word pre-qualified because consumers in the LotLinx network, see the dealer’s car on a third party website, and when they click for more information, they are taken to the dealer’s own website.  We call these highly filtered clicks to a dealer’s VDP a “shopper”.

So, LotLinx expands the reach of dealer’s inventory and sends shoppers who are interested in their vehicle(s) back to the dealer’s own website; the best place to merchandise the vehicle. LotLinx only charges dealers when a shopper is redirected from a third party classified website to their own Vehicle Detail Page (VDP).  LotLinx is a DEALER-CENTRIC advertising model that is taking the auto industry by storm.

PCG was the first to explain how LotLinx works, and now we are first to show how LotLinx is accelerating new and used car sales.   If you would like to syndicate your inventory to 130+ classified websites, and only pay when clicks are directed back to your own website, please give PCG a call.  You can speak with our LotLinx specialists at 732.450.8200.

If you are attending the 2014 NADA Convention, stop by PCG’s booth #7218 for a demo of LotLinx.

LotLinx Reporting Is Integrated With ROI-BOT

Continuing on the theme of data transparency, LotLinx has integrated their dealer reporting into the industry’s leading executive reporting dashboard; ROI-BOT™.

 LotLinx data feeds are automatically integrated into the ROI-BOT™ Lite tool, so dealers can instantly measure how LotLinx’s direct linking inventory syndication platform measures up across multiple metrics including; VDP views – a critical sale-predictor metric, Cost-per-VDP View, and Cost-per-Shopper.

These metrics are all cross-compared against key marketing vendors including Google Adwords, third party marketing and inventory advertising providers, and more.

Dealers can only truly understand ROI in their marketing spend  – and take action to optimize it – when they can compare performance across all their vendors, on an objective, unbiased, vendor-neutral platform,” said LotLinx founder Len Short.

We want our dealers to be able to easily track results to make sure their marketing dollars are delivering. And, of course, we want them to compare and compare and compare LotLinx with every other marketing strategy that they are using. With ROI-BOT™, LotLinx subscribing dealers will now have, at their fingertips, the ultimate in marketing ROI transparency, which we think is a very good thing.”

Start 2014 With A Fresh Advertising Strategy

Dealers who are looking for new ways to increase car sales at a lower cost of marketing, need to test the LotLinx platform.  Contracts are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time.  Recommended advertising budget is $2,000 a month and based on performance, dealers can increase or decrease the budget accordingly.

PCG Digital Marketing will work with dealers to get their inventory into the LotLinx network and then to review their reports each month in the ROI-BOT Lite dashboard.  This is a great opportunity for dealers who understand that they need to drive more traffic to their Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP).

Call 732.450.8200 to signup for LotLinx today. 

dmsc-logoDealers who are looking for innovative marketing strategies should consider attending the 2014 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC), March 16-18th in the Napa Valley.  Len Short, founder of LotLinx, will be presenting a workshop on the changes he seeing for inventory advertising and syndication.  You will not want to miss the data that he will be sharing with the dealers in attendance.

For a full list of speakers and workshops visit the DMSC Conference Website.


About the Author

Brian Pasch is the founder of PCG companies. PCG provides customized marketing and training solutions for businesses that are committed to dominate their local market.