It’s a new year—do you have a new digital marketing strategy? If so, I hope search engine optimization is part of it. Despite what you may have heard, SEO is not dead—and if you’re worried about paid ads cannibalizing clicks from organic on Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs), just know that there’s enough clicks to go around.


In 2018, one type of digital marketing is not going to provide the magic solution for your business. Paid, social, SEO—you need to be doing all three. But, if you’re still not convinced that organic search is worth investing your time or money in, here are a few reasons why SEO should be a part of your plan for the new year.


3 Reasons You Need to be Doing SEO in 2018

1. AdBlockers

According to a study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 26% of desktop users and 15% of mobile users run ad blockers on their devices. Regardless of how much you’re investing in pay per click, display, pre-roll, or Facebook advertising, these people are not going to be reached online without SEO. Get in front of these consumers by becoming a digital resource. Devise a content marketing strategy to provide them with the information they need when they’re looking.


2. Long-Term Value

Paid advertising is ephemeral. Ads, banners, and pre-roll only appear if you’re paying. Conversely, SEO efforts like link building, content creation, and on-site optimization last—they just take a bit longer to get going, which is why they pair so well together. Think of paid advertising and SEO the same way you would with personal investing. Ultimately, you want a diversified portfolio with investments that will help you in both the short-term and long-term. To continue with this financial metaphor, check out this MarketingProfs article that explains why SEO is like compounding interest.


3. Credibility and Authority

Anyone can run ads, but advertisements alone do not build trust, authority, or credibility with consumers. However, a strong SEO and content marketing strategy can. According to a study conducted by Key Difference Media, “78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships.” And isn’t that the ultimate goal? People want to do business with people. Building a good relationship is a good start. Show off your expertise within your industry with customized web pages, blogs, videos, white papers, and infographics.


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About the Author

Jamie Paton is a Project Manager at PCG Digital Marketing by day and a TV connoisseur by night. As an SEO strategist she spends a lot of quality time on social media sites and with Google Analytics and Search Console.