jamie lobster

Jamie joined the PCG team in October 2010 as a Content Writer, moved up as a Project Manager, and is now Team Leader of the project management team. Throughout her time at PCG, Jamie has grown both personally and professionally, whether it was stepping into a leadership role, earning her Google Analytics Certification, or representing the company at industry events.

There are plenty to choose from, but one of her favorite PCG memories is moving into our current office after spending months in a temporary space. While at times it seemed like it would never be completed, walking into a place that was not only brand-new, but also completely designed for us, was super exciting.

When the holidays roll around, Jamie can always be counted on to bring her festive and creative A-game. Some of her recent Halloween costumes include a LEGO person, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a lobster. She also takes any desk decorating contest very seriously.

If she can dream up any vacation, she’d go all in and say a trip around the world, stopping in Iceland, the UK, Scandinavia, Greece, the Great Wall of China, Australia, Alaska, and more. Till then, she’ll count on TV to take her to far-away places, real and otherwise.